Friday, February 2, 2018

Review: Cold As Ice by Piper Rayne

Cold As Ice (Bedroom Games Book 1) by [Rayne, Piper]

It may be Winter Games, but the bedroom games are about to begin…

Competing in South Korea on the world stage is hard enough.

Having to spend the entire press tour beforehand with a woman who hates me? 
Karma really is a bitch.

While she’s spent the last four years loathing me, I’ve spent them ignoring the guilt that gnaws at my stomach. 

All Mia Salter cares about is that I’m her brother’s ex-best friend and it’s her duty to hate me. The funny thing is, I barely noticed her back when she was trying to keep up with us on the slopes. Now, as both of us prepare to go for gold, I’m seeing her in a whole different light—and it involves a whole lotta different positions. 

No one said the path to the Olympics would be easy.

Grady Kale is more than ready to compete in the upcoming Winter Games. What he doesn’t expect is to be promoting the games with his female counterpart, a woman who has hated him for the last 4 years.
Mia Salter is headed to her first Winter Games as the female favorite, but can she spend the weeks before the games being civil to Grady Kale?
Grady and Mia have history. He used to be her brother’s best friend growing up, but 4 years ago he went after his dreams and left them behind. The friendship was broken and the animosity between them is palpable. But he immediately takes notice of grown up Mia and when they find themselves stranded together, they’ll have no other choice than confronting their demons and decide whether they will be forever enemies or if they can call a truce and move on.
Once again the authors deliver a fast and fun read, this time with the backdrop of the winter games. The story is a nice mix of enemies to lovers, best friend’s little sister and sports romance in true Piper Rayne fashion. The characters, both main and secondary, are competitive among themselves and it makes for great banter and word play.
I can’t wait for the next story in the series and I hope a Brandon book is also in the making.

4 Book Corner Stars
*ARC Review* 

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