Monday, February 5, 2018

New Release+Review: Out Of The Penalty Box by Genevive Chamblee

Title: Out of the Penalty Box
Genre: Gay Romance
Series: Game On Collection
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Hockey player Aidan Lefèvre’s professional and personal life is on ice. Recovering from an injury and traded to a new team, Aidan is attempting to prove his viability to his coaches, fans, and teammates. Just when he believes he’s succeeded, another accident during the playoffs threatens to unravel all of his progress. 

Having relocated away from family and friends, Aidan turns to his extroverted team captain, Christophe Fontenot, whose jovial nature lifts everyone’s spirits. But when Aidan discovers his attraction for Christophe changes the meaning of “body checking,” Aidan questions more than his hockey skills. 

Should he deny what he feels or come out of the “box”?

Hockey sticks, pucks and a lot of heat on the ice between Aidan and Christophe. Self discovery, denial and acceptance was a lot for Aidan to handle. With moving away from his close friends and family, he was alone. New team and a new life. But what was always constant in his new life was Christophe. Christophe is the Team Captain, easy going and just a great guy. He liked spending time with him. However, there was something about the man that he couldn’t resist.

Being traded to a new team and recovering from an injury, Aidan has a lot to learn. Both on the ice and off. When his feelings for his team captain were strong and not just being a teammate. He was attracted to him. But how could that be when all he dated was women. That all changed when Christophe showed Aidan what he wanted. And that was quite a revelation. With opening up his heart, Aidan finally felt complete and whole with Christophe.

I enjoyed Out of the Penalty Box. With first time reading Genevieve Chamblee. I was pleasantly surprised and a great read.

4  Book Corner Stars


Genevive Chamblee lives in the bayou country in the deep south where sweet tea, football, good music, and colorful family is gospel. When she is not writing, she can be found attending SEC football games, playing with her dog, sightseeing, or spending time with family.

Genevive writes contemporary romance, erotic romance, fantasy romance, the occult, Creole culture, and southern drama.


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