Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Release+Review: Fast Forward by Piper Reagan

Corps Security in Hope Town: Fast Forward (Kindle Worlds Novella) by [Reagan, Piper]

He was my best friend, my driving force. It was our last night together, and I screwed it all up. I know this. But I never thought he’d walk out on me no matter how hard I pushed. He did.

When Jarrett Dean, NHRA Funny Car driver speeds into Hope Town, the last person he expects to run into is Gineva Derosa. His Gin. His one true love. 
No… the one who pushed him away. And now it’s time for answers.

Gineva planned on breezing into Hope Town for a couple of weeks to help her friend Sway clean up a mess he found himself in. That’s it. She never expected the past hitting her at full force and demanding answers to questions she didn’t want to touch. 
But they touched her alright. She couldn’t fight the pull. Couldn’t deny the feelings. 
So she pushed, but this time he wasn’t walking away.

Fast Forward is a Corps Security in Hope Town Kindle Worlds story. It’s filled with your favorite characters from the series along with some new ones you can’t help but fall in love with. 
Welcome to Hope Town. 

This fun, flirtatious and fabulous read.  They were best friends to lovers.  But when you are young, you’re naive.  Miscommunication, hurt and regret for 10 years does a lot to Gineva and Jarrett.  When their paths cross in Hope Town, everything is off the table. 

Gineva is in-town to help the very popular salon, Sway.  Gin was a guru for a company who’s failing to turn back around.  With Sway’s losing money, Gin is trying to find out why or even who is stealing.   Who knew how close the ties lead to Hope Town.  To say she was shocked to see Jarrett after 10 years, would be an understatement. Jarrett was in town for a race in nearby Hope Town. With family ties and close friends with Corps Security, Jarrett felt at home.  But when his eyes landed on Gin, everything changed.  To make the wrong right again.   When the two reunite, it’s “fast forward”.  The chemistry and passion are combustible.   But nothing in life is hearts and flowers,  when Gin discovers the money loss, and the famous Maddox comes to the rescue.  

I really enjoyed Fast Forward.  And especially seeing the crew of Corps Security and where they are in life.

4 Book Corner Stars

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