Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blogger Bits: Sports Romance


Welcome to my first ever edition of blogger bits!! What is blogger bits?? Blogger bits is a twice a month feature were myself and fellow bloggers will talk about book world topics. 

The Winter Olympics are in full swing and it got me to thinking about sports romance novels. They are very similar if you think about it since they focus on training, sportsmanship, winning, representing your country/team. Are you a fan of sports romances? I am since I’m a huge sports fan in real life. I love The New York Giants (Football) and The New York Yankees (Baseball). In case you couldn’t tell I’m from New York. But anyway back to the topic of sports romances. I have read several sports romances over the years and here a few of my favorites reads.

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling
All I can say is Jack F*cking Carter!!!

The Game Changer: A Novel (The Game Series Book 2) by [Sterling, J.]

The Game Changer by J. Sterling

Moonshot by [Torre, Alessandra]

Moonshot by Alessandra Torre
Loved this book and it featured The New York Yankees!

Most Valuable Playboy by [Blakely, Lauren]

Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely
I love Football and Cooper was such a sweetheart!

In Deep: A Sports Romance by [Harper, Callie]

In Deep by Callie Harper

This book is based around the summer Olympics and was a good read!

Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny (Taking Shots) by [Madsen, Cindi]

Confessions Of A Former Puck Bunny by Cindi Madsen.
First time reading a hockey romance and it was really good!

These books all stood out to me because they had the perfect combination of sports and romance. You could tell the authors did their research and as an avid sports fan this made me so happy! Do you read sports romances? Let me know if you do or don't below!

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  1. So glad you joined us this week, Shelly!

  2. I read a few of these and now I have a few to add to my TBR ;) Great list!!