Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Release+Review: The Emerald Lily by Juliette Cross

The Emerald Lily (Vampire Blood Book 4) by [Cross, Juliette]

When Princess Vilhelmina Dragomir is awakened from her hellish sleep with a blood kiss from a handsome stranger, she learns that much has changed while she’s been away. The armies of the Black Lily and the vampire Crown have amassed and are on the brink of war.

No romantic entanglements, no family. Mikhail Romanov, Captain of the Bloodguard, took a vow when he joined the Bloodguard. But he never planned for the gut-punching attraction he would feel for the untouchable princess. He must keep his focus, though. In order to avenge his family, it’s essential he help Mina claim her crown and keep his damn hands off of her.
But Mina sets her heart on the elusive captain, and keeping his focus on the great battle ahead becomes harder and harder. While they're making plans, the evil King Dominik has been making some of his own. This time, he will show no mercy to the Princess...
Each book in the Vampire Blood series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 The Black Lily
Book #2 The Red Lily
Book #3 The White Lily
Book #4 The Emerald Lily

Princess Vilhemina Dragomir has been in a bloodless sleep for months and it’s up to a group of elite mercenaries from the Bloodguard to rescue her from her imprisonment.
Captain Mikhail Romanov is the one commended to awake the Arkadian Princess and bring her to the safety of Silvane Forest and the protection of the Black Lily and its allies.
After sharing the blood kiss that awaken her, Mina and Mikhail will have to battle the intense attraction to each other. Her beast has been awakened and she finds herself a completely different person from the sweet and obedient princess of yore while he has to decide between his vow to the Guard and his desire for justice and vengeance or to give into the attraction to the forbidden princess.
This book was the perfect conclusion of the saga of the Black Lily. Everything falls in place perfectly and it’s a great take on the tale of Sleeping Beauty.
Mina and Mikhail make a great couple and their passion and intensity is par to none. I loved the twists in the story, the prophecy and the final battle was epic.
When I read the first book I was not sure what to expect because in all honesty, I’m not into vampires and shapeshifters, but this series was a great surprise and I love the spin the author gave the classic tales to achieve these romantic, adventurous and sexy stories.

5 Book Corner Stars
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