Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Review: Bad Boy Series: Soul Songs (Bad Boy Romance Book 2) by Simone Carter

Bad Boy Series: Soul Songs (Bad Boy Romance Book 2) by [Carter, Simone]

Jake Stryker is the bad boy of country music. Tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome, he has the reputation of a party animal and enjoys all the perks of celebrity. His idyllic lifestyle was rocked by the news of his sister's death, at the hands of her husband (Bobby). Jake took responsibility of his sister's twins, whilst Bobby was sent to jail. 

Marty Donahue makes her living painting murals for people. She lives and travels in a 30-year-old RV accompanied by her one-eyed old cat Gruff. She loves her carefree life traveling around the country, creating unique murals for all types of people. 

When Marty was told her next job was for Jake Stryker, her initial response was "no". She wasn't crazy about men, and she especially disliked musicians, due to her father's mistreatment of her mother. If it hadn’t been for the sad tale of the 4-year-old twins, she would have never taken it on. 

Marty committed to doing not one, but two murals at the home of Jake Stryker. She wanted to help the kids, but she wasn’t prepared to become another notch on the bedpost for the sexy superstar. 

The next few weeks are filled with painting, kids, and Jake. She doesn’t want to get close to him, she knows he’s bad news, but she can’t keep fighting the chemistry that’s brewing between them.

Then they get the sickening news: Bobby has escaped from the jail where he was being held for trial. Word is that he’s headed to Tennessee to get his kids back.

Will Marty and Jake be able to work together to save the kids from their maniacal father? And will they be able to save themselves from their attraction to each other?

Soul Songs is book 2 in the steamy Bad Boy Romance Series

I have a soft spot for single dads and Jake stole a piece of my heart in this story. Jake is taking care of his deceased sisters 4 year old twins, Brody and Bonnie. These two kids have been through the unimaginable and I loved the love Jake had for them both! Marty was a good match for Jake and was great with the kids as well.

This story did have some tense moments and moments that pulled on my heartstrings as well. I loved how strong Marty was especially after her past trauma but I wish she didn’t put herself down when it came to Jake. That was my one issue with her but overall I loved how she interacted with the kids and Jake.

This is a new to me author that fell into my lap and I’ve really come to enjoy her stories! Even though they are short they pack a good punch!

I listened to the audio version as I read and this narrator once again knocked it out of the park. I loved the southern accents, the way she was able to do the kid voices. The narrator captures the moments of this story perfectly and really brought everything to life!

4 Book Corner Stars 
*Book borrowed through Kindle Unlimited*

"This audio book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review."

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