Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Release+Review: Millard Salter's Last Day by Jacob M. Appel

Millard Salter's Last Day by [Appel, Jacob M.]

In the spirit of the New York Times bestselling A Man Called Ove, this is the heartwarming story of a man who decides to end his life before he’s too old—but then begins to reconsider when he faces complications from the world around him.

In an effort to delay the frailty and isolation that comes with old age, psychiatrist Millard Salter decides to kill himself by the end of the day—but first he has to tie up some loose ends. These include a tête-à-tête with his youngest son, Lysander, who at forty-three has yet to hold down a paying job; an unscheduled rendezvous with his first wife, Carol, whom he hasn’t seen in twenty-seven years; and a brief visit to the grave of his second wife, Isabelle. Complicating this plan though is Delilah, the widow with whom he has fallen in love in the past few months. As Millard begins to wrap up his life, he confronts a lifetime of challenges during a single day—and discovers that his family has a big surprise for him as well.

This book was very interesting to say the least! I was in a horrible book funk and it was able to snap me out and hold my attention as I read. This is the first time I’ve read anything by this author and it was a decent read. I liked the premise of the story but at certain times while reading I felt the plot was scattered over the place. There were a lot of side stories mentioned in this book with no resolution. Plus the ending in my opinion was abrupt. A small part of me hoped for a different outcome but I’m not surprised with what happened. My issue with the ending is how is just ends. No aftermath. Nothing. So that was a little disappointing for me but  overall I did enjoy the story by this author.

3.5 Book Corner Stars

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