Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New Release+Review: Angels' Kisses by Nikki Ashton

Angels' Kisses (The Connor's Series Book 2) by [Ashton, Nikki]

Second chance love has never been so strong.

The much anticipated follow up to Box of Hearts, Angels’ Kisses is the second book in the Connor's Series and it will make your heart smile and cry in equal measure.

GARRATT~ Sometimes the love or lust of your life gets lost. I lost my girl seven years ago. I tried to get her back but to no avail she is gone. Until one wedding brought us back together and she may think she is getting away, but not in this life time....

JEMMA~ I was head over heels for Garratt Connor but we were young and life changes. I need to be there for my sister and when things were done and over it was too late. And then running into him at the hotel well that was a beautiful thing. EXCEPT my secret will never let me be loved. He may hate me for life but I am leaving and he will be none the wiser...

Garratt is a man determined to make Jemma his, and he’ll use every trick in the book to make sure it happens – after all, Garratt’s sexy moves and dirty mouth are irresistible, and that’s just his opinion. 

This is the story of the loss and tragedy we sometimes have to face on the path to happiness, but ultimately this a story of strength, determination and love.

Garratt Connor is not one for tying himself up.  He almost did once, but when she had to leave school to go back to her family in the UK, he eventually gave up and stayed away of relationships for good.
Jemma Stevens knew she was about to fall in love when her life collapsed and she had to give up her dream of studying in the US.  Seven years later, recently divorced and scared of what might be, she finds herself back with college friends at a wedding when her past comes crashing.
I love second chance stories and this is one of the most beautiful second chances I’ve read, not to mention, the author chose to dabble in the delicate subject of family loss and the way it affects our lives in more than one way.
We have Jemma and another character dealing with different kinds of loss as well other issues deriving of their circumstances and Garratt will be there for them both showing the man he is by supporting them both in every which way he can.
Then there’s the Connors.  They are the perfect family, loving and supportive and they will keep Garratt strong and provide their advice whether he wants it or not.
I didn’t think the follow up story in the series could be as loving and heartfelt as the first one, but I guess I’ve been proven wrong.

4 Book Corner Stars
*An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review*

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