Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Review: The Vampire Diaries: Bennett Witch Chronicles - Ghost Town (Kindle Worlds Novella) by J. P. Uvalle

The Vampire Diaries: Bennett Witch Chronicles - Ghost Town (Kindle Worlds Novella) by [Uvalle, J. P.]

For as long as Bonnie Bennett could remember her life had never been normal. With the troubling past of Mystic Falls behind her, she plans to live life to the fullest. A road trip around the world seems like the perfect idea until Bonnie comes across a small town in Georgia. A town which has a dark and troubling past of its own; secrets lay where the eyes cannot see.
A girl.
A ghost.
She will not let Bonnie leave.
Plagued by the memories of this ghost, Bonnie decides, the only way to free herself from the place of impending doom is to solve its mystery.
Her mystery.
Why do spirits inhabit Westbrook? What does this girl want Bonnie to find?
Damon Salvatore is no stranger to slipping off the deep end, especially after the loss of his brother Stefan Salvatore, and his immortality, he struggles to live life as a human.
When he discovers Bonnie is in danger, and he is the only one who can save her, will he continue to be held back by the demons that haunt him or will Damon become the hero he was always meant to be?
With time running out to save themselves, can Bonnie and Damon work together to escape Westbrook before they become permanent residents?

With her magic restored, her best friends living happily ever after together as humans, and the love of her life waiting patiently for her on the other side, Bonnie Bennett is not going to sit around and let her life pass her by. She’s off to see the world! Join Bonnie as she journeys around the globe, encountering supernaturals in the most unexpected of places. 

The Bennett Witch Chronicles is a collaborative series within The Vampire Diaries Kindle Worlds. Go tohttp://bennettwitchchronicles.com for more information.

I was a big fan of The Vampire Diaries and Bonnie was my favorite character on the show. So needles to say I was so excited to read this new series from Kindle Worlds based on the Bonnie Bennett character. I have to say how impressed I was with this story by this new to me author. Her words captured me and I couldn’t turn the pages to see what would happen next. The authors visionary details had me feeling like I was right along the characters and I enjoyed the ride. Scenes played out in my head and I felt like I was in the story. This story did have some twist that I didn’t expect and certain parts had me gasping in shock. I had to re read things twice just to make sure I read it correctly. After reading this book I can’t wait to read the other stories and catch up with Bonnie.

4 Book Corner Stars
*ARC Review*

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