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Review: The Sin Trilogy Bundle: A Necessary Sin, The Next Sin, One Last Sin by Georgia Cates

The Sin Trilogy Bundle: A Necessary Sin, The Next Sin, One Last Sin by [Cates, Georgia]

The Sin Trilogy is now available in a single volume.

I’ve watched him from afar for years. And he has no idea. I take joy in that.

Through my observations, I’ve learned what makes this charming villain tick.
Beautiful women.
And Sex. Lots of it.

Sometimes you must get into bed with the enemy for the greater good. And that’s what I’ll do; it’s all part of making Sinclair Breckenridge fall in love with me so I can penetrate his inner circle.

There’s hell to pay.
I’m a dark horse. The perfect storm. 
I am Bleu MacAllister. And I’m coming for him.

I’ve watched her from afar for weeks. And she has no idea.

Bleu MacAllister ran from me three months ago. She thought she could disappear from my life. My beloved believed I’d let her go.

Bleu says I won’t find her; she changes like a chameleon. Wrong, again. Some things remain unaltered. She’s still beautiful. Sexy as hell. And I want her more than my next breath.

The circumstances bringing us together have changed. It’s a precarious situation because my bonny lass is a hunted traitor. But I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

She will be my wife.
I am Sinclair Breckenridge. And I’m coming for her.

Sinclair Breckenridge is my husband. We’re up and coming leaders to The Fellowship and parents to be. But my new life doesn’t come easily. Not when long buried secrets––and far more than I bargained for––finally reveal my mother’s killer.

Sin vows to do anything to keep our little ones and me safe, even if his promise means denying me of the one thing I want most in this world. He doesn’t understand it’s the death of my dream. And that’s a problem.

From the first page, I was captured with Sinclair Breckenridge and Bleu MacAllister. This isn’t your typical romance with Hearts and Flowers read. This is so much more in the Sin Trilogy that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Necessary Sin, Book One, Bleu’s mission was revenge. That dreadful night is burned into her memory and she is ready to avenge her mother’s murderer. She had a plan while growing up. With her foster father who was former FBI, he guided her with the ins and outs to infiltrate the Breckenridge clan. And to do that, she had to get close with the enemy and go undercover. Sinclair was being groomed to takeover his father’s position. Not a typical 9-5 job, you took care of things that didn’t go right with a bullet between your eyes. So when an American comes stumbling in for a job in Scotland. Sin does his research on the beautiful Bleu. With him courting Bleu, their chemistry is sizzling. Though time, her goal was to kill Sin’s father. However, she became attached and couldn’t go through with the mission. In time, her cover was discovered and she fled back to US. But Sin would not let her off that easy.

The Next Sin, Book Two, his beloved is not far away from him. Sin will come after what is his. His love, Bleu. “Into see”. Sin helps Bleu find her mothers killer as well as his sister. With guidance from his father, Sin agrees to be second in command. Replacing his Uncle from that position, anger and hate rises. Nothing will stop Sin to protect his beloved. If he needs to eliminate anyone in his path, he will.

One Last Sin, Book Three; Marriage and The Fellowship. Once Bleu and Sin are married, pressure to have a heir is immediate. With the help of IVF, twins are conceived. Pressure to keep Bleu safe is key for Sinclair. Even while pregnant, Bleu’s dream is to kill her mothers killer. But with Sin promising Bleu’s dad, he will not let her live with that death on her soul.

I absolutely loved this series. The drama and suspense had me quickly turning each page.

5 Book Corner Stars 
*ARC Review*

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