Monday, October 16, 2017

New Release+Review: Hold Tight by Alexa Riley

Hold Tight: A For Him Novella (For You) by [Riley, Alexa]

A hotshot consultant hired to streamline Osbourne Corp. meets his match in Pandora Justice—the more she plays hard to get, the more he wants her.

They say that like recognizes like, and the day I looked into her deep blues, I met my other half.

Pandora Justice took over as head of security at Osbourne Corp. after her father’s retirement. Eighty-hour workweeks are normal; being bossed around by handsome outsiders is not. And she doesn’t like it. Not even one bit.

It’s amazing how easily she can lie to herself. 

I had to have her. Plain and simple. 

The first time Pandora sees Royce in the ring—all tattoos and sinew, covered in sweat—he looks at her like he’s just won more than the fight. Like he won her.

I won’t play games with her. I’ll wait, and it will kill me, but I’ll do it for her. 

Royce’s cocky grin with deep dimples makes Pandora melt. Once she wanted to smack that look off his face—now all she wants to do is kiss it. For the rest of her life.

The thought of spending the rest of my life with Pandora warms the place in my chest I didn’t think was alive. I’ve put my claim on her—she’s the one, and I’m done. It’s that simple.

This book is approximately 20,000 words 

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I’ve been a long time reader of Alexa Riley and this book was exactly what I needed after my last read. Royce has his eyes on Pandora and will stop at nothing to make her his at any cost. At first I wasn’t like Pandora but as the story progresses we get to see another side of her and I ended up loving her character. Royce was your typical Alexa Riley male and Pandora was able to hold her own as well. I enjoyed catching up with her sister Penelope and Ivan. All fans of Alexa Riley should enjoy this story as they give you everything they are known for in their stories.

4 Book Corner Stars 
*Review copy provided by publisher through NetGalley for honest opinion.*

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