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Blog Tour+Review: To Dodge A Duke by Naomi Boom

When a duke gets a chance to pursue a lady as someone else, he would be a fool not to take it.

Logan Eastworth, the Tenth Duke of Waking, returns to England to find a woman to marry. When Miss Eleanor Ashford assumes he holds the title of baronet, he does not correct her error. Instead, he plays on her misconception and arranges a house party where he can make her fall for him and not his title.

Miss Ashford desires a marriage of convenience to an earl or higher. Not to some low-life baronet with an estate in the far reaches of England. She has no time for love, even if the green-eyed baronet with a charming smile tries to convince her otherwise.

Miss Ashford has a choice to make. To wed a duke or the baronet setting her heart aflame. Her choice might not be as simple as she believes.

Miss Eleanor Ashford is determined to marry well.  She wants to land herself a titled and wealthy gentleman, make sure she meets her parents’ wishes and be the society wife she’s been groomed to be her whole life.
Logan Eastworth, Duke of Waking has returned to England to fulfill his duty to marry and produce an heir.  When feisty and mistaken Eleanor crosses his path, and treats him as common gentry, he won’t correct her, but entice her and wage he’ll make her fall in love with him.
A few accidents, random encounters, a house party with a quarantined host and a Duke pretending to be a lowly Baronet will lay the background for this fun and entertaining story.
I enjoyed the premise as well as the writing and development.  Both main characters are strong and passionate and both want to be loved for who they truly are rather than what they represent to society.  I really liked their interaction and banter and the entanglements they get themselves into.
The one thing that bothered me was that Logan never wanted to admit he’d messed up too and blamed everything on Ellie.  At the end of the day, I guess a Duke is never wrong, even on this story.
I also liked the secondary characters, especially Opal and Lord Thornwick.  I hope he gets his own book at some point.
If you like the genre, I recommend the story of the Sir Logan, the wealthy baronet and Miss Eleanor Ashford, the lady desperately trying not to fall in love with him.

4 Book Corner Stars
* ARC Review*

Author Bio:
Naomi Boom is an author who never expected to love writing. Her inspiration struck when she searched for the perfect historical romance novel to read. Nothing sounded appealing, so she decided to write her own. That one novel has morphed into a series, and hopefully many, many more.

She resides in her home state of South Dakota with her husband and toddler. Her dream is to someday find an acreage where she can raise chickens, and continue her writing.



  1. Thank you so much for the lovely post and review. And yes, Lord Thornwick gets his own story!

    1. Lourdes said you are very welcome and she's happy you loved the review. Thank you so much for reading and responding to this review.


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