Friday, August 18, 2017

New Release+Review: Life Plus One by Rachel Robinson

Ben Brahms shed his glasses, gangly body, and a life long pact to attend an Ivy League college with his best friend the day the world took on a sinister hue. With his outward appearance matching his new career as a Navy SEAL, Ben is saving the world…literally, at the expense of everything he gave up. A whole life. 


Harper Rosehall honors the pact. She takes on, and then dominates college on the opposite coast. Always the geek, and always behind socially—especially with men, she blossoms. With her moral compass guiding her, she finds herself drawn back to San Diego and all she left behind. 


With memories from their pasts haunting every interaction and decision in their present—and future, their timing never seems to be quite right. 

A marriage.
A baby.

Some friendships last the test of time, can Ben and Harper’s stand the tests of life? 
Life doesn’t care what you love, it takes it away anyways.

"A love a lifetime in the making." 

I absolutely LOVED a Life Plus One. My heart was rocked to the core of their amazing friendship, lifelong lessons, milestones, and an unbelievable bond that Harper and Ben had through life. But timing was never on their side. "Life picks at the stitches" but time will tell if it will be their side.

Harper and Ben grew up together. They were thick as thieves and did everything together. They were each other's firsts. But when Ben decided to enlist after high school and Harper to college, their goals were different. Throughout the years, timing wasn't on their side. Harper had a fear to express her true feelings to Ben and several missed opportunities to be together arose. Loving each other was not the hard part for Ben and Harper. But being together was the hard part. So many obstacles were in their way. Would fate finally be on their side?

"Love sews souls together."

Life Plus One is a definitely a must read. I've never read anything from Rachel Robinson. And I will tell you, I'm hooked. You will not be disappointed.

5 Book Corner Stars 


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