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New Release+Review: Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

Landon Roderick, that boy from childhood whom I’d never been able to forget—even though he so easily forgot about me—and call him.

Then again, anything sounds like a good idea when you’ve had a little too much wine before bed, right? It was supposed to be just a quick, meaningless, prank call. Instead, I went off on him—unloading thirteen years of pent-up emotions.

I didn’t think he’d call me back.

I certainly could never have anticipated the weeks of sexually tense phone conversations that followed as I got to know the man he’d become.

Turned out, Landon had never really forgotten me, either. That special connection we had was still there. I opened up to him, but there were also things about me he didn’t know. And he had his own secrets.  

Raw. Real. Refreshing.

I always ask myself how is Penelope Ward going to top her last book when she releases a new one? And every time she delivers. Every. Single. Time. I DEVOURED this book in just a few short hours. Her storytelling and writing were flawless.The pacing was great and the story just flowed. It was such a delicious slow burn with the main characters that had me aching . A lot of books in this genre can become repetitive but Ward was able to write a story that was refreshing and heartwarming.  

“There’s nothing wrong with having flaws. They’re what make us human.”

“Life definitely wasn’t perfect. But there were moments in time that absolutely were. And this was one of them.”

“Each tear that fell represented the regret pouring out of me, regret for not only my past mistakes but for what living in fear was causing me to miss out on right now in the present.’’

What I love the most about this story is that Landon and Rana are so relatable. They aren't perfect, rich or have all their ducks in a row. They have flaws. They didn’t follow the same path as everyone else.  They have real issues, failures and regrets and you can't help but want everything to work out in the end for these two. Landon and Rana I absolutely adored as a couple. They balanced each other out and I loved seeing both of their walls coming down and them becoming one. Landon was tough on the outside but so sweet, thoughtful and protective. I really loved Rana’s character because I could relate to her with certain issues. I too can let my past fears prevent me from enjoying the present day but I’m a work in progress. The support they showed and the love they have I can only hope to have one day. That's what it's all about accepting and loving someone flaws and all.

I've been a long time fan of this author and I have to say this is her best book yet. I know I said that about Mack Daddy but this I'm serious this time .....It's hard for me to put into words but this book had such a real and raw authentic feel. Something about this book touched my heart and wouldn't let go. This book touched on several different topics and had my emotions all over the place. It so many sweet and tender moments. Plus moments that made me laugh and tear up. Bottom line. You need to read this book whether you're a long time reader of P. Ward or first time reader.  This book will stay with me for a long time as Landon and Rana worked their  way into my heart and won’t let go.

5 Book Corner Stars 

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About the Author
Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She’s a sixteen-time New York Times bestseller. Her novels are published in over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world. Having grown up in Boston with five older brothers, she spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 12-year-old girl with autism and a 11-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.

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