Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Release+Review: The Better Man by Barbie Bohrman

Meet Max Allen.

He’s ambitious, too smart for his own good, and very single.
Nicknamed “Max-A-Million” by society gossip types, he thinks he’s got it pretty damn good and he’s right…for the most part.

Meet Daphne Rodriguez.

She’s ambitious, too smart for her own good, and very single.
She works extra hard for everything she has and never complains about the crappy hand life has dealt her.

When Max is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, it comes with the condition that he must work with the one person he despises most…and wants the most: his sworn enemy, Daphne.

However, Max has no plans of giving Daphne the satisfaction of ever letting her know how he feels about her. Instead, he vows to make her life miserable at every turn.

Which works out perfectly, since Daphne has no intention of making it easy for Max either.

When all hell breaks loose and they’re on a collision course with disaster, these two stubborn people will have to overcome their mutual hatred of each other long enough to work together and get the job done.

For better or worse, they will have to rely on each other to save themselves…and the people they love most.

Whew. This book. I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to end up liking this book. When I first started reading I couldn't stand Max at all! He had an unbelievable ego, sense of entitlement and privilege that knew no bounds. I like cocky guys but Max was just a bit too much at times and I wanted to knock him off that pedestal so hard.  I decided to only keep reading because of Daphne and how much I loved her, her spunky attitude and nonsense approach on life. Plus, I love her family and how they all take care of each other.

"That was all it took for me to know that I was ruined for any other woman; this right here… this moment with Daphne meant more to me than I had expected it to."

Halfway during the book the light went off and Max became the man I knew he could be and it made me so happy seeing this side of him. As expected there was drama but it wasn't the kind of drama I would have ever expected in a million years. I had to read those chapters twice to make sure it really happened. My heart broke and I wasn't sure how Max and Daphne could come back from this to be honest.

I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers and this book was well done. The first book was good but this book got to me big time. The writing was on point and the story flowed and I could relate to Daphne big time. I love it when you can identify with characters as you read. Bohrman really impressed me with her storytelling and writing in this book and I can't wait to read the next story.

4 Book Corner Stars 

Rivals, enemies and an opportunity of a lifetime that bring these two together.  Max aka Max-A-Million and Daphne are modern rivals in New York City entertainment industry. The best of the best and the up and coming.  But when they are paired up together, they are explosive and competitive of each other. 

Daphne is all about family with her grandmother and brother.  She puts her needs before herself.  If it wasn't for her grandmother taking her in, she wouldn't be where she was at now.  With two jobs, she makes ends meet. But always tries to end of having dinner with her family.  But when an opportunity comes available, Daphne has to way pros and cons to be with her rival, Max.  

Max has made a name for himself.  With being in a prominent family, he wants more.  Wants to be known.  He not just known as Max-A-Million.  His Twitter following has a nickname for him.  But when he is forced to partner with Daphne, their chemistry is off the charts.  But when a tragic moment hits close to home, he questions himself if he can be true and honest with himself.  

The last part of the Better Man totally blindsided me.  Family comes together and unite.  I've really enjoyed The Better Man and can't wait for more!

4 Book Corner Stars
*ARC Review*

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