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New Release+ Review: Wasted by MJ Fields

Title: Wasted
Series: Steel Country #3
Author: MJ Fields
Release Date: July 9, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Jersey Girl & Co

Haunted and hidden.

Mysterious and sexy, Grayson Falcon steers clear of commitment in all forms. He takes the road less traveled, avoiding the demons of his past and the nightmares they cause. He uses his good looks and country charm to attain pleasure, but it is always a short-lived reprieve.

Sweet and scarred.

Once believing that love can conquer all, Mandee Carlain’s life was then turned upside down and inside out. Her beauty queen good looks and sweet smile always caught the eye of the wrong kind of man. However, as a survivor, she still holds on to hope that one day she will come face to face with the man whose whispered words will give her strength to still believe.

What happens when the hopeless find hope the wrong time?

Love is...Wasted.

Grayson Falcon only comes back home for the holidays.  He avoids staying in one place as much as he avoids commitment and he’s better off living that way.  After being summoned home by his older brother, he’s sticking around for an upcoming wedding, but he’s already becoming restless…

Mandee Carlin is a sweet girl who’s had bad things happen to her and she’s turned into a survivor.  She’s a good girl, dating an insipid boy and living vicariously while organizing someone else’s wedding.

These two are brought together by fate and though Grayson believes he doesn’t deserve a woman like Mandee, he won’t be able to fight his feelings for her.  Yet the biggest secrets around the Falcon family will come to light and they’ll all have to come together prepared to love and forgive to become stronger.

The third Falcon Brother book did not disappoint giving us the final glimpse at this family’s story and their darkest secrets.  Grayson and Mandee have a rocky relationship, but they will find their way through the woods.

I really enjoyed some elements of their relationship, the way they meet and the things that ultimately bring them together, not to mention the music and the play of it along the story.
4 Book Corner Stars

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In The Series:
Hammered (Steel Country #1)
Destroyed (Steel Country #2)

MJ Fields Author Bio:
USA Today bestselling author MJ Fields write books that scorch pages and melt hearts.
Her style is raw, gritty and authentic.
Love an alpha and a strong heroine? She does too.

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