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New Release+Review: Operation Seal by Cayce Poponea

A SEAL trained to eliminate any threat. A young woman with a heart full of secrets. 

Logan Forbes made a promise to a dying man he can't keep. His inability to make a difference drives him to join the military's most elite team. What happens when a package from a complete stranger changes everything about him? Will he finally be able to forgive himself for the sins of his past? Or will he lose the fight to an enemy he can't see?

Harper Kincaid spends too much time living in the past. She is ready to bind herself to a man she doesn't love, only to avoid dealing with the ghost she hides behind. When an act of pay-it-forward turns into a battle with a mad man, she will need the help of an elite killer, one she feels conflicted to love. Can Harper put her past in the rear view mirror? Or will the secret be too big to forgive?

This suspense filled romance will have you on the edge of your seat, gasping for air. Leaving you questioning who is the enemy and who will be the savior. Operation SEAL is the second installment in bestselling author Cayce Poponea’s romantically, suspenseful Trident Brotherhood Series.

It all started with a letter. Taking the time to write to a solider and put a smile on their face. Showing that you care what they do for our country. And with that letter, opened a lot of opportunities. Not just romance but closing an old wound.

Operation Seal is beautifully written. Full of romance, hope and patriotism. Harper selects one solider and corresponds to a solider overseas. Between care packages and happy momentous, she chose Logan. Logan is a SEAL who will do anything for his country. But before coming a SEAL, he was Doctor in the military. He had an eye opening event with a dying solider. Logan wanted to make a difference. And the elite SEALS was that difference. But something was missing. When that Harper's letter arrived, that was the missing piece.

Harper was dealt with heartache and loss. Being widowed, she puts on a happy face. But true joy is to make a solider smile. She had a connection with Logan from the beginning. But even across the world, it's a small world. They both know the same people because of her brother too is a SEAL. When letters turn into Skype calls, a beautiful relationship is formed. Friendship turns to love. And nothing will stop Logan to returning to Harper's love.

I love reading Military romances. Cayce did a phenomenal job. With first time reading anything from this author, I'm hooked!

4.5 Book Corner Stars

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About the Author:
Cayce Poponea is the bestselling author of Absolute Power. 

A true romantic at heart, she writes the type of fiction she loves to read. With strong female characters who are not easily swayed by the devilishly good looks and charisma of the male leads. All served with a twist you may never see coming. While Cayce believes falling in love is a hearts desire, she also feels men should capture our souls as well as turn our heads.

From the Mafia men who take charge, to the military men who are there to save the damsel in distress, her characters capture your heart and imagination. She encourages you to place your real life on hold and escape to a world where the laundry is all done, the bills are all paid and the men are a perfect as you allow them to be. 

Cayce lives her own love story in Georgia with her husband of eighteen years and her three dogs. Leave your cares behind and settle in with the stories she creates just for you.


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