Friday, June 9, 2017

Review: Devotion by Alexa Riley

Aurora Adams has had everything in her life regimented. She’s been made to eat certain foods, wear certain clothes, and only do what her mother allows…all for the sake of her dancing career. Life is lonely and cold, but she doesn’t have a choice. When her mother decides to send her away for a year of training it’s just another blow to already fragile heart.

Noah Hill has never had passion for much in his life. But one look at Aurora and his world ignites. From the moment he sees her on the stage, he knows she has to be his. When her mother stands in the way, he has no other choice.

Will Aurora finally have a chance to break free, or is she trading one cage for another? When temptation leads to devotion, maybe the truth isn’t so important.

Warning: He’s a billionaire set to kidnap the ballet dancer he sees on stage. What could possibly be any more wonderful!? Get your buns ready because we’ve got you covered!

Raise your hand if you wouldn't mind being kidnapped and taken to a private island? 

We have Aurora who is a ballet dancer with a nasty mother who couldn't care less about her as a person. Aurora is just a means to an end and it definitely showed. Enter Noah who is obsessed with Aurora right after he sees her for the first time. In typical AR fashion these men are over the top and will not stop at anything to get their ladies and make them happy. I loved Noah and he moved heaven and earth to make her happy. He was possessive, loving and protective! 

Alexa Riley have done it again with story! This storyline was very refreshing and I enjoyed every second of the story. They are hands down the Queen of insta love!!! Anyone who is long time fan or even a new fan of them will enjoy this story. Everything you have grown to love and expect from them was in this book. This is pure AR gold!!

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