Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Review: Condemned by Hayley Oakes

Condemned is out now!  Check out this beautifully written second chance romance which will have you swooning so hard it's impossible to stand straight!
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For eight years, I’ve lived with the scars left by him.

William Devereux consumed me until I didn’t know where I ended and he began ... I tried to forget but I was forever changed.

And now he’s back.

Gone is the aggressive hothead who hurt me and set my body on fire in equal measure, replaced with a responsible, doting, single father.

I’m trying my best to remain unaffected.

He’s trying his best to make amends.

Sometimes the one thing you shouldn’t want, is the one thing you can’t breathe without.
Buy now - myBook.to/HACondemned

Heartbreaking, beautiful and enduring read.  Hayley Oakes writes a heartwarming story of Jessa and William in Condemned.  The growth in both of these individuals is uplifting.  They learn from one another and grow into one.  But with each love story, there are twists, turns, ups and downs.  

William and Jessa always had a love hate relationship growing up.  Jessa lived in a loving home with two parents who did things as a family.  On the other hand, William grew up with his siblings and his grandfather.  He has anger and abandonment issues and his outlet for his anger was Jessa.  As the years went pass, Will was a aggressor and protector.  But it comes a point where Jessa can't  take the heartache anymore.  When time goes by, Jessa is there for her family and runs into Will. The connection is still there. The chemistry grows. And the familiarity flourishes.  

I captured from the start.  I really enjoyed reading Captured.  This story will really pull at your heart.  The journey that they took together was touching.  I highly recommend this read. You will not be disappointed!

4.5 Book Corner Stars

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