Friday, September 22, 2017

Review: Stolen Tyme by S.L. Ziegler

Title: Stolen Tyme
Author: S.L. Ziegler
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2017


Time doesn't heal.
Time hurts.
Makes you stronger, rougher,
And smarter.

Now that I'm back,
Xavier Scott can't hurt me again,
Won't hurt me.
I've seen my share of pain,
Felt it,
Owned it,
And released it.

After one look,
One touch,
One tremble,
And I'm that broken, naive girl again.

I want him,
My body aches for him,
My soul needs him.
But, my head will be damned to fall for that again,
Fall for X.

He stole my heart before,
But not this tyme.

Xavier and Lock have been friends since childhood. When Lock got a girl pregnant at 17 and found himself a single parent 2 months after his daughter was born, he became the man nobody expected him to, but when Xavier showed up high to his little girl's birthday party he didn't have a problem kicking him out.

After 10 years and sober 2 years, X is back to make amends and meets grown up Naomi who wants to get in the music business. When Lock asks for him to guide her, he knows he should say no, but he can't find it in him to stay away from her.  They engage in a summer fling, that runs deeper than either one expected and, when the time to call it quits comes, X will have it upon himself to make a decision that will save Naomi’s future.

Seven years and a lot of heartache later, Naomi comes back to her father’s home and the past will come crashing to her doorstep.  No longer a teenager, she’ll have to confront the man who pushed her away and decide if they actually have a chanceto a functional relationship.
I had read the prequel on preparation to read this story and was nicely surprised to find it was at the beginning of it.  I liked their summer fling and found it very sexy and full of feeling, but their story is way, way more complicated than what we get at the beginning.
Xavier is a man that has been at his lowest and deals with his addiction on daily basis, a man tormented by his past and desperately trying to make up for his mistakes and struggling to avoid repeating them.  Naomi was somewhat discarded by her mother and felt X also abandoned her for not being good enough.  These characters have big demons to deal with and the drama these ensue is very lifelike.
At times I felt the story was dragging, but then I also thought that everything in it has a point and it’s relevant to the telling.  Every time the dragging feeling came it was followed by a new twist that entwined the story even more.
In all, I enjoyed this book.  I think is good, solid second chance romance with no waste to it and if you enjoy stories that are not all sweet and perfect, you will find Stolen Tyme a good read.

4 Book Corner Stars 

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Author Bio

S L is a self-described book junkie. She spent her whole life with her head in the clouds, dreaming of characters and imagining how their stories will play out. It wasn’t till later when those stories in her head became too much to handle and made it onto paper. When SL isn’t reading or writing, she is spending her time with her two crazy kids and husband. Where they reside in a home just outside of Atlanta. SL is true buckeye fan and lives for the weekends where she can drink a glass of wine and devour the books waiting on her Kindle.

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