Friday, September 16, 2016

Blog Tour: Juniper Smoke by Sadia Ash

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A nerdy curator. A worldly inventor. A sizzling affair.
In the age of hookups, can love survive the test of time?

Juniper Mills is a sassy, nerdy curator at the History Museum of Ann Arbor. Taking care of her mom and autistic twin, her life has been one big sacrifice for others. Work. Home. Repeat. Raised by her mother to hate men, she worries she’ll die a frigid scholar in a musty house with an army of cats and a lake of books.

Kyle Paxton is a handsome, robotic inventor of micro-cameras from San Francisco. To curb the dark memories of his ex-girlfriend who haunts him, he schedules dating and work with mechanical precision. Not looking for love, he only hooks up with Amazonian models.

Juniper and Kyle meet cute when she is dangling forty feet from a museum scaffolding. Juniper falls for him, but knows getting him is going to be hard. Juniper knocks Kyle’s world off its axis and their galaxies collide in this very unfairy tale.

This is the story of Juniper and Kyle, two very different people with very different walks of life.  While she is a curator at a small museum in Michigan, Kyle is a successful tech CEO from California.  She’s naïve, clumsy and inexperienced while he is and adrenaline junkie, used to the red carpet lifestyle and being accompanied by beautiful, famous women.
When Kyle sets his eyes on Juniper and tries to convince her to become his companion for a set period of time, she finds herself at a crossroads that will change her life forever.
This book left me with mixed feelings.  I really liked that it was a fresh story, the way it began, how the characters met and their odd initial interaction.  These are two very complex people with a lot of individual baggage and the author kept the veil of mystery until the very last chapters.
I loved the fact that Kyle is a relentless alpha trying to get what he wants and he doesn’t let down, while he finds himself falling into the vortex that Juniper brings into his life.  I enjoyed some of the secondary characters like Evan and Lila, and the relationship Juniper has with her brother.
On the down side, I found it was very long and there’s a second book.

3.5 Book Corner Stars 


Sadia Ash has held jobs in different fields that involved writing (and never math) in some way. She has worked for film and TV publicity with the Prenner Group, did news and TV placement for Aeros (a NASA project), edited scripts for indie films, and fundraised. A lot. A serial volunteer, she has raised funds for many charities that educate and help girls.

Currently working on two other novels and a film script, Ash hopes to see the sunlight outside her window one day. She holds an MA English degree from Loyola University in Chicago, a Screenwriting Certificate from UCLA and one more impractical MA in English Literature from NUML. Originally from Chicago, she lives in sun-drenched Cali with her husband—who is her best friend—and two bright kids.

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