Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Perfect Ten by Nikki Worrell

Man candy isn’t on her menu. But maybe one taste won’t hurt…

Joe Starling has been stinking rich, and he’s been poor. But from the moment he figured out what makes women scream, he’s been raking in the cash. Not as a prostitute. Not technically…

Sex isn’t officially part of the Perfect Ten escort service’s package. Yet Joe is almost embarrassed to admit his “package” has gotten quite a workout in the past seven years. Truth be told, the ladies want him, and he can’t say no.

Faith Graham’s first reaction to Joe Starling? No. Make that hell no. She needs an average Joe on her arm for her model-thin sister’s wedding. Who will believe a dazzling hunk like him would date the Graham sister who has a few too many curves?

For the first time, Joe experiences what it’s like for a woman to look at him with loathing rather than lust. And he doesn’t like the feeling. Because there is nothing in this world he wants more than to turn her emphatic no into a heartfelt yes. In fact, a lifetime lifetime of yes would work just fine for him…

Sex God extraordinaire Joe Starling has a meet his match when he first meets Faith Graham.  Joe is the top guy at Perfect 10.  He's worked his way up to be number 1 and every woman wants him.  But not Faith. She wants an ordinary guy, not a good looking guy like Joe.  One thing I can say is that Joe sure was persistent.  He knew what he wanted and didn't stop till he had Faith in his arms.

 "If I could make peace in the mirror, I would be happier person".  

Joe sees perfection while Faith sees her plus size curves. We are our on worst critic.   We doubt ourselves in this society where we constantly see models that are rail thin. Or couples that you know are so in love, but they look are total opposites.  It's like taboo.  

Faith has lack of self esteem due to being constantly put down by her mother and sisters.  I felt that was due because they were jealous of her.  She was nice while they were evil.  But growing up in that house, she feared her negative feelings.  Not everyone was saying mean things to her.  She did have an allies in her corner who was there for her.  

I did like Perfect 10.  It was a fun and fast read.  Body image struck a cord with me so my heart was there.  Eye of the beholder and what's underneath the skin is most important.  Not your size of your clothes and what number is on the scale. 

4 Book Corner Stars

Giveaway Info: Grand Prize winner will receive a Kindle Fire, a signed copy of the book and $10 gift card. Nine other winners will receive a signed copy of the book and 10 gift card.

Author Bio: Nikki Worrell is a country girl from South Jersey who took her love of reading and shifted it into a love of writing. When not at work as a full-charge bookkeeper in Philadelphia, she’s at home writing, reading or simply spending time with her husband of over twenty years. Both she and her husband love animals immensely, which is evident in her writing. If there is any advice she would impart upon you, it is this: Follow your dreams. Always. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s foolish or unattainable. You have but one life to live—live it!

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