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Book Blitz+Review: Not Your Hero by Anna Brooks

Title: Not Your Hero Author: Anna Brooks Release Date: April 18, 2015 Genre: Contemporary Romance
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My hot new tenant isn’t the kind of woman I usually go for. At all. She’s a single mom and even I’m smart enough to know there will only be complications getting involved with her, no matter how good she might be for me. But when her past comes back into her life and threatens them, I’m forced to face my own demons in order to keep them safe. *Contains Adult Content* *Standalone*
Sam has been burned before. He's a jerk. He doesn't let anyone close.  He keeps people at an arms length except his tenants son, Ben.  But there lies the problem, Ben's mom is attractive.  Courtney is a single mom. She has two jobs to try to make ends meet.  She is the sole provider of her son. The "sperm" donor bailed on her leaving her to do everything on her own.  
But it's taking a toll on her.  She's tired.  She works all day and night and only has a few hours with Ben a night.  Courtney just wants someone in her life. And preferable she wants it to be Sam.  But Sam doesn't trust. He's good at no emotions at the door when a woman leaves after the night.  
But something clicks with Courtney.  He wants to try. It's good to see Courtney stick with what she wants.  Some people are not into no emotional attachment. I liked she stood up for what she wanted. Not be a doormat.  He admittedly admits he doesn't want to be anyone's hero.  But in the end, they become eachother's hero
It was nice to see a man having commitment issues versus a woman that you read about.  You can see he has some serious issues of what past behaviors can do to someone.  And as for Courtney, she protects her son.  Would do anything for him.  That's what a parent would do for their child.  
3.25 Book Corner Stars

This is the story of Sam and Courtney.  He is a lone wolf who doesn’t do friends or relationships, works as a handy man and can get sex whenever he wants it and he’s fine with that life.  Courtney is a young single mom, working 2 jobs while taking care of her 5 year-old son who happens to be his tenant.
They have an underlying attraction to each other, but Sam’s trust issues run deep and he knows Courtney wants and needs more than he’s prepared to give her.
This is my first read by Ms. Brooks and I really enjoyed it.  It’s a good story, with nice characters and it felt solid, without being overtly long.  I liked the relationships, the interactions and more than anything, the child.  Being a single parent myself, I felt she approached the life of a struggling single mother with a lot of realism and the utmost respect.

4 Book Corner Stars

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About the Author:
I'm really pretty boring. I'm a Coastie wife and a mother who loves to write romance.
I don't have much spare time because my boys have a better social life than I do, and I'm usually busy playing chauffeur or being a cheerleader to one of the many sports they're involved in.
I was born in Wisconsin but now live on the West Coast. I'm an animal lover, wannabe Rock Chick, Diet Dr Pepper addict, and stealer of pens.

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