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Blog Tour+Review: Underwater by Maayan Nahmani

Title: Underwater
Author: Maayan Nahmani
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2016
In an instant, my world turned upside down
Because of one incident, my life will never be the same
Every day I struggled to breathe
Every day I went through the motions
I felt too much
I was numb
I was drowning
I was lost inside the black
So they made me go there
I was already there, watching from the dark
And then I met him
And then I saw her
He scared me to death
She took my breath away
He was darkness
She was my light
They whispered he can't be touched
She was the only one I could touch
I couldn't be with him, they needed me
I fucking needed her
So I told him I would be his friend
I told her I would be her friend. For now.
But I couldn't resist him for long
She finally realized that she'll always be mine
We were a hot mess
We were the perfect kind of mess
Then reality dawned on me
Then my demons broke loose
I was underwater, trying to break through to the surface
I reached out my hand, trying to pull her to shore
Could he really help me?
Would she accept me, scars and all?
This was us
This was our story

Author's Note:
"This book is based on true events and contains sensitive subjects that may be a trigger to some readers, such as violence, abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also contains a parent with cancer. It is recommended for ages 18 and up." Safe. No cheating/OW.

We have Aria and Dorian who are both dealing with personal issues. Aria's father is dying from cancer. Her and her father are very close. Aria is also the rock of her family, the strong one. She really doesn't have a support system until she meets Dorian. Dorian, my poor tortured baby. Dorian has several issues as he was a POW. The first time he meets Aria is at a support group and he knew things would be different. I enjoyed this story and it was nice seeing two broken people come together as one. They gave each other the encouragement and support the each needed. Aria needed someone she could lean on and cry and break down to. Dorian, needed someone to let him know he was going to be ok and to hold on!  I did enjoy the relationship between the two but it happened a little too fast for my liking. I would have preferred some more character buildup. Underwater was a solid debut and I will definitely be on the look out for more of her books.
3.5 Book Corner Stars
My body tensed, as I watched the motherfucker who’d touched her coming our way.
“Oh, hey Brian.”
His tall frame loomed over her while he stood with his hands inside his front pockets. He was built, and if I were a chick, I would probably think he looked decent. He had curly blond hair, blue eyes and tan skin. He looked like a freaking copy of a Ken-doll. Fucking cliché. I hated him already.
“We’re all going to have a drink at a nearby bar. You wanna come?”
I didn’t want her to go anywhere with him, but if she decided to go there was nothing I could do about it. All I could do was bite my tongue and pray she would say no.
“That’s sweet of you, Brian, but I can’t today. I’m sorry.”
“Oh, yeah… sure. Maybe some other time?”
He looked disappointed, yet hopeful she would say yes.
Did I mention I hated this fucker?
“Yeah, maybe,” she mumbled.
He smiled, nodded, and turned around, leaving with the rest of the group waiting for him.
“Fucker,” I said under my breath.
Shit. “Um... nothing.”
She looked at me with questioning eyes. ”What’s going on?”
I sighed. “Don’t date him.” The words tumbled out of my mouth without permission. I winced, knowing I sounded like a fucking mental case.
“Whoa... who said I was going to date him? He was just being friendly.”
I laughed humorlessly. “That guy doesn’t have one friendly thought about you. I can promise you that.”
I didn’t have friendly thoughts about her either. But right now, the thought of her with him – or anyone else for that matter – made my blood boil.
She shook her head. “You’re overreacting, but alright, I won’t date him. Geez… happy?”
“No,” I growled.
“What?” She sounded annoyed.
I didn’t care. I was on a roll. My hands settled on either side of her chair, caging her in. “I don’t want you to date anyone else.”
“Excuse me?”
Fuck. This was not going well.
“I need you to promise me that you won’t date someone else. I said I would be your friend, and I will. But you need to know…” My head inched closer until I was in her face. “I want more. I want you. I promise I’ll wait for you until you’re ready for me. But please…” I pleaded. I fucking begged, “Don’t date other people. I couldn’t bear it.”
I am twenty-six years old and I live in a small town in Israel.
My family and I were going through some difficult times not too long ago and one day I was confiding in my best-friend about everything. I didn’t know how to deal with it all. Then she suggested I should write a book about it. I looked at her as if she had grown another head and dismissed the idea on the spot. But the seed had been planted, and day after day, little by little, without realizing it – I started writing.
That’s how Underwater was born.
I found writing to be cathartic, healing.  Something that helped my mind unwind and put things in perspective. I discovered a magical world where I traveled between imagination and reality. Writing became my home and I never wanted to leave.
I love to read, write, listen to music, edit videos, and play the guitar. I am always looking for the next creative thing. I also like a good movie and a glass of wine.


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