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Cover Reveal: Take Two by Traci Hayden


A Picture Perfect Novel


Traci Hayden
Official genre of book: Contemporary Romance

Beth Huntley, photographer and devoted bachelorette, doesn’t believe in true love. Too much hurt and disappointment has left her hiding behind the camera. All she can see is a black and white world through the lens.

William Lorde, widower and father, was once an open and carefree man. The loss of his wife has left him wrapped up in the needs of his little girl. He can no longer see the colors of the world as he struggles each and every day.

What happens when these two similarly different people meet and help each other to step out of the world they’ve created for themselves? Will they find a love that helps them heal from the past, enjoy their present and create a beautiful future?

The gentleman was looking at some of my photography displayed on the wall. The red and orange tints of his light brown hair reminded me of the vibrant colors of a sunset over the ocean. The touches of blonde which frosted the tips were incredibly sexy. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair while he made wild passionate love to me.

From my vantage point, his physique was lean and muscular. Hardened muscles bulged against his plaid shirt and overalls. The dark bronze tan of his skin glowed like it had been kissed by the sun. Everything about him left me speechless and totally breathless and I had yet to see his face.

Realization hit me hard. Jude was trying to fix me up! If she had her way, I was going to become a mini-Jude; a Judette, if you will. From the looks of this guy, it might just happen.

A jab to my ribs got my attention. My head swung in Jude's direction; my eyes, however, didn't. Heat was burning deep inside me, pushing its way to the surface like molten lava. The rise and fall of the burn matched the timing of my labored breathing.

Reality came racing back when a sharp pain stabbed my foot. I bounced slightly on one leg as I rubbed the offended limb on the back of my calf. Tearing my eyes away from the God standing in my studio, I glared at Jude.

What's happening to me? This wasn't my normal reaction, I wasn't the type to go gooey over a guy. To me, they were all trouble, and they interfered with my professional plans. That was the excuse anyways.

Jude stepped back and slowly raised her hands up in a gesture of surrender. Grabbing the counter to hold myself steady, I looked down at Jude's four inch spikes, one of which had surely lanced my foot. Through my gritted teeth, I growled. "What the fuck?"

Jude's eyes darted between me and the sexy man across the room. She whispered so softly, it was impossible to tell if I'd heard the words or read her lips. "Pull your tongue in, you sexual deviant."

It was at that precise moment that the star of my erotic fantasies turned around, and every nerve in my body exploded. His unshaven jaw line begged to be licked, his naturally red lips begged to be kissed, and his eyes - oh my god, those eyes! My heart shattered into a million pieces.

His gorgeous, ocean blue eyes were haunted with such despair. Where there should have been light shining brightly like the moon on a clear summer's night, there was a blank stare. His eyes were filled with almost agonizing grief. For an instant, his anguish overwhelmed me. I wanted to wrap him in a cocoon and protect him from the world. A cruel world of torture and grief, that's all his eyes portrayed.

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My love for books began at a very small age. I lived inside the many worlds the local library could provide. The characters within those pages were my companions and my support when I needed someone most.

My imagination began to soar as I grew. I began writing small poems as a teenager, but never thought much about publishing or expanding beyond put my words to paper.

After my children were born our love for a certain TV show fueled my love for writing. Using my children as inspiration, I began to write fanfiction, my children being the characters within the stories.

My passion for putting words to paper (or screen as is the norm now) has turned from passion to obsession. I've made some incredible friends through this journey and in turn, have become not only an author but a promoter and supporter for those whose imagination dreams character and worlds that I can lose myself in.

I thank my precious children, my beautiful soul-mate and my forever sister and best friend for being my constant rock and support as I continue to walk this road called life.


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